Granny Squares – My Happy Place

Like many (or maybe most!) crocheters out there I have quite a few ‘works in progress’, a couple long standing which I’ll likely never complete, while others I definitely will. One of these was a granny square blanket that I started at the end of 2018 which finally got finished on 2 January 2020. During this time I’ve dipped in and out of it in between working on other crochet and craft projects, when I’ve needed a break from more complicated pieces or wanted something that will allow me to completely switch off.

Folded granny square blanket

It has been quite a relaxing project to work on as the repetitive nature of the granny stitch means that it doesn’t require lots of attention to be paid to a pattern. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the challenge of learning a new crochet stitch or having to interpret a new pattern, but sometimes you just need something simple and relaxing to do that doesn’t need a lot of attention – and for me the granny square is that.

Granny square blanket on sofa

I did a block of three rows at a time of Stylecraft Special DK in Silver, Wisteria and Pale Rose, using my trusty Clover Amour 4mm hook. The plan was to keep going until I ran out of yarn, and that’s exactly what I did! Unfortunately I didn’t have quite enough Pale Rose to do a third round in the final section of colour, but I don’t mind as it’s just for me. The final blocked size is 49cm, great for using to keep cosy while sitting watching television.

Pink purple and grey granny square blanket

What next?

Yes, now that this blanket has been finished I have indeed started another one. However instead of being a granny square this is going to be a granny star blanket (pattern by Lulu Loves Crochet), with the intention of using up some of my yarn stash. I have a drawer full of bright coloured DK yarn that I want to use up, so I think this will be the perfect project to brighten up dark January evenings.

Granny stitch star blanket


  1. I often have a simple project on the go – you are right, sometimes you need something to not think too hard about when you still want to craft. I love the colours in your granny square blanket. Look forward to seeing the stars grow too.

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