Not just for Christmas

When I started crafting a few years ago it was because I enjoyed it, and wanted a hobby that was creative but also help me to put down my phone and iPad. Eventually people started saying that I should sell things but I resisted, I wanted to keep crafts as a hobby and was resistant to do anything that might take the fun out of it. However, this situation has recently changed!

After I made my first pompom wreath towards the end of 2018 (read a post about it here) I began to wonder what other designs could be done. First off, I decided to make a couple of Christmas theme ones – a Christmas pudding and a holly wreath, and really enjoyed it.

Fast forward a few months and I had an idea for an owl, a penguin, a monkey then my cousin requested a sloth! There’s also been a rainbow, because who doesn’t like lovely bright rainbows? I really enjoy making these and think they’re cute decorations for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Wreaths may widely seen as just for Christmas or certain occasions, but I think there’s room for them all year round!

A few friends made requests for wreaths, so I decided to take the leap into selling what I make so I set up an Etsy store. So far I’ve listed all of the designs I’ve made – including the Christmas ones. It’s quite nerve wracking, selling things that I’ve made but we’ve all got to get out of our comfort zone sometimes! However the nerves were totally worth it when I received my first order.

I enjoy making these and that’s why I do it – it’s not about the money and realistically never could be! However there is value in handmade and if there are lovely people out there who would like to buy a wreath for me then that would be great.

Visit my store on Etsy.

Lion pompom wreath

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