I’m  Jen, am in my early thirties and live in Aberdeen, Scotland. I’ve been learning to crochet since spring 2015.

Here I am!

Crochet is a hobby that I started as a means to keep busy. I found myself in the situation where I was always watching two screens – I’d be sitting watching TV and at the same time browsing the internet on my iPad or phone, and I wanted to move away from that. It had also been years since I had done anything that could be described as ‘crafty’ so after an impulsive trip one Sunday morning to Hobbycraft, I began to learn to crochet.

I usually have a few ‘WIPs’ on the go, which will include at least one blanket and perhaps an amigurumi toy. It’s something I find myself enjoying more and more, and I find it really rewarding and satisfying when I manage to complete a project without too many mistakes.

This blog was started to document my progress with learning to crochet, my attempts at trying different projects and my determination not to have too many works in progress on the go! While it will still continue to mainly be crochet, I will also be writing about trying out other crafts, which at the moment include making jewellery with silver clay, and going back to cross stitch, which I used to do many years ago and I’d like to go back to. Let’s see how it goes!

There will also be mention of  Cookie the cat who does her very best to try to distract me as soon as I sit down to try and do anything.