Pom-poms everywhere!

If there’s one thing most of us remember from when we did crafts as children it’s making pom-poms. I vividly remember painstakingly wrapping wool round and round two pieces of cardboard, and once no more could fit through a hole in the middle of the card the next stage was to cut round the edges between the card, tie a piece of string round the middle to hold it together, and voila! A pom-pom.

Pom-poms seem to be enjoying something of a resurgence, with some shops selling wreaths for over £100.  There are posts all over Instagram and Pinterest of pom-pom wreaths, with varying colour schemes and of different sizes. They can of course be themed to the time of year or, like me, you can make one that be displayed all year round – wreaths don’t have to be just for Christmas!

I decided to dig out some yarn from my stash, as there was no way to justify buying more when I already have plenty that wasn’t already earmarked for a project. I settled on a bright pink, purple and blue. I bought a polystyrene base from John Lewis and some glue to stick down the pom-poms. 

polystyrene wreath base and pompoms

For the pom-poms themselves, I used plastic pom-pom makers that I bought a few years ago and didn’t do anything with. It takes a couple of minutes to figure out how to use them, but after that I was off – there was no stopping me!

purple, blue and pink pompoms

I wanted to have roughly the same number of each colour, and made a couple of different sizes. Another thing to note is that you need really sharp scissors when it comes to cutting the yarn – I used my sewing ones.

This was a really relaxing project to do, as all I really had to do was keep making pom-poms until I had enough to stick on the wreath. I used a glue gun to attach mine, and it worked well doing it that way and when attaching them make sure the pom-poms are placed quite closely together as you don’t want any of the polystyrene showing through. 

I love the finished piece! It was a really quick make – the total cost was no more than £5 and it probably took around five hours in total to do. It’s something that you can tailor to your tastes – using lots of bright colours or more muted ones, big pom-poms or tiny ones – it’s entirely up to you!

handmade pompom wreath


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