Flora shawl

Another day another shawl! When I was down in North Berwick a few months ago I was distracted by a wool shop (as tends to happen!) and found myself leaving with some lovely hand dyed wool. I searched Ravelry for the right pattern and found the Flora Shawl by Carmen Heffernan, which I can agree is ‘Perfect for that precious skein of Indie Dyed yarn you have been saving‘!

The yarn is Buchanan 4ply hand-dyed, 100% Blue faced Leicester Wool and is a lovely pale lilac colour. I got it from Chandlers in North Berwick.

The pattern itself is a four row repeat with a mix of double crochet and chains, and the pattern instructions are really clear so once you’re in the rhythm of the pattern it’s an easy one to get going with. The border is single crochet and then picot in the ‘points’.

It definitely benefited from blocking! When I finished, my shawl measured 130cm across the longest edge and after blocking it was 151cm.

Crochet shawl before blocking
Before blocking
Crochet shawl after blocking
After blocking

It’s a really light shawl and great for summer and the pattern is definitely one that’s filed to use again in the future.

Flora crochet shawl

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