Kira the Koala

When I was first learning to crochet I came across a few ridiculously cute pictures of some crocheted dolls, and I immediately knew that I wanted to make at least one. However I was a bit scared, there looked to be so many different bits to them, and crocheting a row or a square was one thing, but arms, legs, a head, body? It seemed next to impossible.

The dolls in question were Lalalya patterns, and having just completed one, I needn’t have worried. The pattern was very easy to follow, with some helpful photos included and when I did get a bit confused about joining the legs I headed over to the Facebook page where there’s a video on how to do it. (I should say that my confusion  was because when I’ve done amigurumi in the past there has always been ‘separate’ legs which I’ve sewed onto the body.)

There are so many Lalalya patterns to choose from, and after some deliberation I chose the Kira the koala pattern, and used a 3mm hook and DK yarn. As with most amigurumi, the main stitch is a single crochet (US terms), and you also need to be able to increase and decrease stitches. There are a few different stages that you need to complete before you can sew the whole thing together, and it’s very handy to have some pins on hand so you can hold everything in position to make sure you’re happy with it. You will also need safety eyes, or you could choose to embroider them on.

I really enjoyed this pattern and am a little bit in love with the end result, the baby is so cute sitting in the pouch! My finished doll is around 31cm tall. I’ll definitely be making another in the future!

Lalylala Kira the Koala finished doll

Lalylala kira the koala finished toy


(If you’re tempted, the patterns are here on Etsy)

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