Star Blanket

I have eventually finished the star blanket that I started nearly a year ago. My New Years resolution was to get it finished  and on Friday I managed. (Well, I initially wanted it finished by Christmas but that didn’t happen!)

It was actually the second crochet project I ever started, prior to that the only thing I’d ever made was a baby blanket for a friend’s baby. I’d seen a few photos of ones that other people had done and decided I wanted to have a go. I used the Bella Coco tutorial to get me started and I just kept going, it’s such an easy pattern to follow. However, as is so often the case with me, I got distracted by another project and then another, and the blanket was put away in a box for a few months.

The final blanket measures approximately 164cm point to point, and six rows of purple and three rows of cerise are broken up by one row of white The border is just two rows of white. It’s made entirely using the UK treble/US double stitch.

Materials –

  • Hayfield Bonus DK in Purple, Cerise and White
  • 4mm hook



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