Christmas pudding beanie

Just finished a present for my niece who is due to be born any day now – a Christmas pudding beanie, isn’t it cute? I’d seen pictures of a few and decided to have a go.

For the hat itself I followed this tutorial by HappyBerry Crochet, and used white for the increasing rows and then switching to brown for the length of the hat. When it came to the holly leaves and berries – which I swear almost took longer than the hat itself – I had several attempts. Eventually I had success using this pattern  by Attic24 for the leaves, and I’m happy with how they turned out.

Crochet baby hat Christmas pudding holly leaves

When it came to the berries I made it up as I went along. I think I chained 5 or 6 then worked a single treble into each chain before I kind of rolled it up and stitched it together (very technical, eh?!).

I stitched the leaves and the berries together before attaching it as a single piece to the hat.

Christmas pudding crochet baby hat

Crochet Christmas pudding baby hat

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