Corner to Corner

I’ve just finished my first ‘Corner to Corner’, or C2C, blanket as many people call it…and I love it!

My sister is due to give birth in a few weeks, so of course I was going to make a baby blanker! However my sister, blunt as always, made a point of saying “Hey, Jen….you are going to make a baby blanket, aren’t you?”. So off I went to Hobbycraft, intending to buy some white and pink or perhaps white and purple yarn, when I spotted the James C Brett Baby DK in shade BM1. I love the colours and knew it would be perfect for my first attempt at  a C2C.

This project started in the same way as many of mine do – a quick search on YouTube for the Bella Coco tutorial. I sat down with my yarn and my trusty 4mm hook (I was oddly satisfied to notice the hook matched the yarn) and was determined to give it a go. I was convinced that I was getting it wrong, as the first few rows seemed to look a bit odd, but once I’d done about six I could clearly see it starting to take shape. I started out not really knowing how big to make it and I just keep going until I’d reached the desired width and used half the yarn, before going back to the tutorial to find out how to do the decrease.

corner to corner crochet blanket and crochet hook

It’s  a really easy pattern to just get on with, so it’s great for when you’re relaxing in front of the TV, especially since it doesn’t require a lot of counting! The only counting is when you chain seven at the start of an increasing row, or three when you chain three and then do three trebles (double in the US).

I’m really happy with the outcome, and I can’t wait for my niece to arrive to see her wrapped up cosy in it!

corner to cornet crochet baby blanket blanket


  • Finished size – 35inches square
  • Hook size: 4mm
  • Yarn: James C Brett Marble DK, shade BM1: 4 x 100g


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