Crazy cat lady mode: activated!

*Warning: crazy cat lady post*

Cats love boxes. Well, most of them do anyway and Cookie is no different. 

I admit that she’s quite (or very) spoilt and I hold my hands up to that. As she’s an indoor cat I worry that she gets bored, so the result of that is that she has a lot of toys, a box full of them, but after a day she gets bored of them. However she doesn’t seem to get bored of bits of yarn or my phone charger, when she can get her paws on it (and it’s unplugged, of course!), and she loves a box.

When I bought a new bin the box it came in had a hole in the front, which was perfect for her to sit in and judge me from, and it stayed in either the spare bedroom or living room for a few weeks.

cookie the cat in a box, staring

Sick of the constant presence of a cardboard box, I was looking for an alternative and when I went onto the website where I buy her food I found it! How cute is this little house? It also has a cardboard scratching post on the bottom of it.

Cookie the cat beside her box

Now of course we all know that cats are fickle, so she hasn’t actually used the box yet….however she’s pretty damn pleased with the box that her food got delivered in!

Cookie the cat in a cardbpard box


  1. Ah cats. I’m sure they must know when we buy things specifically for them and they decide to not use them on purpose.
    I remember one year we bought a cardboard tank for my cat benji, he much preferred scraps of tinsel.


  2. Lol, cats are hilarious! One of my cats loves to sit on things. If there was a square of paper on the floor or table her bum just gravitates towards it.


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