So I got a bit carried away…

This week I began the blanket that my sister had requested ages ago and when better to start it, I thought, than while watching the Great British Bake Off? Turns out that I got a bit distracted by biscuit week and the blanket that she asked for to cosy up with when watching TV will now be more than big enough to wrap right round herself at 165cm wide!

I chained 204 for this V stitch blanket and there’s two trebles (no chain between them) in every second chain of the foundation chain. It’s Stylecraft Special DK in teal, and I’m going to break it up every few rows with cream. To be honest, I’m kind of winging it at the moment but it seems to be working up quite quickly. 

progress on teal v stitch blanket
Progress so far (folded in half!)

A few rows in I realised that it was a bit wide, but I couldn’t bring myself to frog it. However this does mean that I’m more than likely going to need to order more yarn, I’m only managing to get five rows out of every ball! 

Hopefully this one won’t take too long to finish as I’m determined not to start anything else until it’s done. Better get back to it….

Cat lyig on bag of yarn
“I’ll just take a rest…right here.”

One comment

  1. I hate that dilemma when you realise you’ve made something too wide but you’ve already done a bit and can’t bring yourself to frog.
    I mean, logically, it would be better to frog and redo those few rows than do an extra however many stitches every row but …. I don’t want to start again!
    I never end up frogging. Oops.

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