Time to dust off the hooks!

What a crazy few months it’s been. Hen parties, weddings, holidays – I’m not sure where the time has gone! This has meant that I’ve done hardly any crocheting…or any at all. However I’m determined to get back to it and work my way through my huggggeee stash of yarn that’s hidden away in various corners of my flat.

I was very excited to find out I’m going to be an auntie, so have a list of things I’d like to make for my first niece or nephew.  There’s blankets, of course including a ‘call the midwife’ one, and there’s various toys, and of course a very hungry caterpillar outfit. I have no doubt I’ll find lots of other things to make!

I’ve also been challenged to make one of these tea cosies (pic below from here) , which I’ll have to guess how to make as the pattern’s in Russian.

There’s also loads of patterns that I’d like to have a go at that are in the books I got for my birthday…. There’s so many things I want to make, I just don’t know where to start!

Oh, and then there’s the blanket that my sister has requested. Or rather, she bought a heap of yarn and dropped it off requesting a blanket to keep her cosy when watching TV. She’s the one that’s having a baby so I better keep on her good side to ensure I get loads of cuddles when it arrives!

Right, I’m off to enjoy what is likely to be one of the last sunny days of the summer in Scotland but my plan is to break out the hooks later on. Wish me luck!

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