Back to the world of work (at last)

Not crochet related, but I just wanted to write about my experience of securing (albeit temporary) employment after being made redundant last year.

Around this time last year I was told there was a significant chance that I’d be made redundant, and although I ended up staying longer with my previous employer than I thought I would, I ended up officially being made redundant at the end of July. Since then I’ve been applying for every job that comes up, however it is unfortunately taking much longer to find something than I would like, and I’ve even struggled to find temporary work – that is, until now!

One of the many recruitment agencies who I’m registered with contacted me a couple of weeks ago saying there was a temporary position at the local University, within their marketing team. The recruiter told me about the post, explaining that perhaps it’s more junior than what I’ve been looking for and the pay reflected that and I think part of him expected me to say ‘no, that’s not for me!’, in all honestly that wasn’t going to happen. It turned out position reported into one of my old managers who I worked for many years ago. 

After reading over the job spec, which seemed varied , and finding out the position came up because there had been an increase in their workload I made it clear that I was very definitely interested. I was interviewed over Skype (the wonders of modern technology!) and a few days later I found out I’d been successful. 

I started last Monday, and so far so good! There’s certainly enough to be working on, the people all seem to be really nice and best of all, the work seems really interesting. Also, apparently one of the people in the office across the corridor from me crochets but I haven’t had the chance chance to speak to her yet about it, but maybe I’ll do that this week.

It’s great to be back working again, and fingers crossed the next step will be securing a permanent job somewhere, as this is only a temporary position until the end of July. 

Now, back to crocheting. My sister in law has requested some bunting and a couple of cushions for her ‘she shed’, so I best get started…


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