Ooohh, I’ve changed

This time last year if you’d told me how excited I’d get about using a new crochet hook I’d have laughed, however this is exactly what has happened!

I am half way through making a tea cosy using my new 4mm ‘Clover Amour’ hook and it’s making such a difference; it is so comfortable to hold and the metal glides through the yarn easily. I’ve also noticed a difference in how my hands and fingers feel – they don’t get so tight or sore and I can crochet for longer when I’m using it.

I’ve also bought a 3.5mm, I was making  a giraffe and getting really sore hands using the metal hook I had, and couldn’t believe how much more comfortable it was to use the new hook.

Clover Amour Hook 4mm
Tea cosy in progress!

Since I started crocheting last year I have accumulated quite a few hooks, some were in a pack that was on offer in a supermarket, while others were bought for specific projects. They’ve been fine to use until now, but I’m not sure how much they’re going to be used now that I’ve discovered the Clover Amours!

The hook itself is metal (with a matte effect) and has an easy grip rubber handle. Every hook size had a different colour of handle so they look lovely and bright. The only downside is the cost since they are more expensive than the basic metal hooks that I’ve used before, so it’s not so easy to go out and buy all the sizes you need.

So yes, I am not ashamed to admit how much I love using my new crochet hook, in the same way that I fully admit that I am forever on the look out for different colour combinations for making blankets…but that is a topic for another blog :).

Hmmm….just realised it’s my birthday in a few weeks, it might be time to start dropping some hints!


    • I’m definitely happy I have the ones I’ve got. Totally agree with you – I’ve noticed a massive difference in how long I can crochet using these compared to others.


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