Learning to crochet

When they find out that I started to crochet last year, a lot of my family and friends have asked me how I learnt and I think some of them are surprised that I’ve managed to! In truth, when I first decided to learn to crochet I bought  a book from Hobbycraft, and  armed with that and my first hook ( a 4mm) and yarn I sat down to attempt a Granny Square. Frustratingly, I struggled to understand the pattern  and had no-one to ask for advice as none of my friends or relatives crochet. I should say that it wasn’t the book, it was me – I tried several other patterns but couldn’t make any sense of them! However after several hours of starting and stopping, unable to to get past the first or second row, I had a brainwave – I should try YouTube.

Perhaps naively I hadn’t realised just how many tutorials there would be out there, from those aimed at beginners through to more experienced crocheters. Everything from specific stitches to blankets, clothes, toys, hats…. the list is endless. The first few things I made were as a result of watching YouTube tutorials, pausing rewinding and rewatching countless tutorials, watching as the expert did the stitches and I tried to copy them.  Now I use a combination of YouTube and written patterns. Instead of throwing down a piece of work in frustration because I don’t understand a pattern or am making mistakes, I do a search to see if there are any videos of someone doing that or a similar stitch or project.

The last time I went to a shop to buy some yarn I overheard someone asking the shop assistant what she would need to learn to – yarn, hooks etc. Once the shop assistant had gone I approached the lady and pointed her in the direction of YouTube, and she looked a bit relieved as she’d already had a look at written patterns and found them a bit daunting. I’m glad I’m not the only one!  These are some of the channels that I watch on YouTube.

I’m a long, long way off from being an expert and still have a lot to learn – there’s so many different patterns, stitches and yarns to try but if there’s one thing I have learned is that YouTube isn’t just for watching funny cat videos!

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