What to start next?

So now that I’ve finished the giraffes a spot has now opened up on my ‘WIP’ list. I’m still working on a star blanket and haven’t yet decided how big it’s going to be; and if I am going to ever complete it I need at least another one (possibly two) projects to starts doing at the same time so I can take a break from it.

Crochet star blanket in pink, purple and white
My current WIP…not entirely sure how big I’m going to make it!

At the moment I have a few ideas of what I want to make, and ideally whatever I choose will use up some of my existing yarn stash rather than having to buy some more. If I go down this route it will likely be one of these:

  • a tulip blanket like this one
  • Easter bunnies/chicks to give as gifts
  • a ‘garden’ tea cosy using green yarn and covered in flowers and butterfly embellishments
  • a unicorn amigurumi
  • a ruffle cushion

However I also really want to have a go at making a mermaid tail or shark blanket, the ones I’ve seen all look so good. I just need to find the right pattern so I could try a child and adult size – several hints have been dropped by a couple of friends! Making either of these would require me to buy some more yarn – not exactly a hardship, but I need to use up some of my existing supply otherwise there will be nowhere to store it.

Ahhhhhh! Decisions decisions!


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