“Yarn….isn’t that just wool?” Eh….

When I first went to get supplies to learn to crochet I was astounded at the range of brands, colours and types of yarn that was available, but what most confused me was that it was called yarn. I had wrongly thought yarn was just an alternative term for wool, but no – yarn is the correct term for any of the materials that you may use to crochet whether that’s acrylic, wool or cotton; the list is endless! 

Most of the everyday yarns are synthetic, usually acrylic, and they’re very easy to work with not to mention inexpensive. You see, crocheting isn’t an expensive hobby  – you can pick up a 100g ball (or ‘skein’) of yarn for less than £2, and hooks start at around £1. You do of course get some more expensive yarns, they may be thicker, made with different types of materials, unusual colours and you get some expensive hooks but starting out, it isn’t too bad.

Different colours of yarn
Some of my stash


The scary thing is that the longer I crochet the more I get a bit obsessed with yarn. The variety of colours, from plain through to muilti-coloured and sparkly ones means you’re never stuck to find something for a project. If it’s a colour that I don’t already have, well it goes without saying that I need to have it! It’s not just the colour, there’s the variety of types/thickness from DK (double knit) to superchunky and everything in between.  I have managed to reign myself in slightly though, I don’t think I’m addicted. Yet.

I’ve seen several pictures of people who have entire rooms devoted to their ‘stash’ of yarn, whereas other devote cupboards and shelves to store and display theirs.  As for myself, I have (ahem) one or two storage boxes full, but I do have a spare bedroom….


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  1. I think acrylic is a really nice choice when first starting. And besides being more affordable, it is easy take care of. I love working with it but I have plans to branch out to “nicer” more expensive yarns down the line as I get better at crocheting.

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