Trying something new – crocheting with rope 

Yesterday I went to an exercise class. However it wasn’t one that involved setting foot in a gym, this was a crochet work out – I went to a class to learn how to crochet a basket using rope. It was great fun, but think my arms might need a day or two to recover! 

The class took place at a Teasel and Tweed, a local gift and home shop in Aberdeen  that also hosts creative workshops. The cost included all supplies and the tutor was Fiona Meade Crochet who was lovely and patient, not to mention really enthusiastic about crocheting!

I had never previously crocheted with anything thicker than chunky yarn, so using rope was certainly a lot different to what I’m used to. Using a 10mm hook, the first stage was to make the base and once that was complete it was onto the sides and handles. I needed to take quite a few breaks between rows, as my hands got tired and I needed to stretch regularly. The rope is quite stiff to start with, and my tension is quite tight, so it was quite difficult to work the stitches but I found that I quickly got into the rhythm of it.

As I saw the basket begin to take its form I could see how it would be great to make other sized baskets or even pet beds using rope, it’s lovely and sturdy and really holds its shape.

The class was a a great way to spend Saturday morning and it was nice to meet other local crafty people. I’ll definitely try crocheting with rope again, but I might just give my hands some time to recover first! I’m really pleased with the end result, and I think it’ll be great for storing some of my ongoing projects. 

Completed crochet basket


  1. Wow. I can imagine just how tiring that was. My arms hurt just thinking about it! But you got a lovely basket made and it sounds like you’ll make many more!

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