A new page

The other day I decided to set up a Facebook page. When I first began this blog it was to document learning to crochet, but over the last few months I’ve found myself interested in trying out other crafts, including silver clay and most recently wire jewellery. 

I decided to set up the page to share hints and tips that I come across when trying different crafts, as well as a bit about my current projects. I’m certainly no expert and am very much a beginner, so any advice/tips I share will likely come from other sources – my aim is to share things that I have found useful and hope others will too. Hopefully sharing the content across both Facebook and on here will allow me to increase reach and engagement with people interested in crochet and other crafts.

If you would like to ‘Like’ my page, it’s at Facebook.com/Craftsandthecat.

I’m not sure what to try next, although I feel it should be something that requires a glue gun – they seem to be a staple part of most crafters toolkits, don’t they? Also, at the moment I have no  need to buy one, and I would love a reason to do so!

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