An expensive start to the week…

As a cat owner I’m used to a lot of things:

  • It doesn’t matter what I do or say she will do what she wants when she wants 
  • Cat hair everywhere, it doesn’t matter how much I clean, I’ll always find more
  • Getting woken up at 5am to feed her breakfast
  • Getting woken up at 3am because she’s bored
  • Getting woken up by her jumping from the floor to on top of me as I lie in bed
  • The scratching and meowing when I dare to close the bathroom door and leave her I. The hallway

To be honest, the list could go on forever. One of her favourite things is to knock items off the table when I’m trying to work at the laptop, and usually it’s a pen or a book, sometimes keys, but yesterday she outdid herself. The little darling (can you sense the sarcasm?) pushed my phone off the table and it landed face first on the laminate flooring. When I picked it up I was prepared for a crack, but the screen was totally destroyed and the multiple cracks looked like a spiderweb! When I touched it I thought one of the shards would fall out at any time. 

After a lot of swearing, I did a quick google search on how to get the screen quickly replaced. I’m in the middle of applying for jobs and attending interviews, so now isn’t really the ideal time to be without a phone. With a sigh of relief I found somewhere nearby could do it in only an hour for £95. The guy at the shop looked at me like I was crazy when I said the cat did it.

As for the cat? When I left to go and get the phone fixed she had curled up and fallen asleep on the sofa and once I got home she stood up, stretched and sauntered into the kitten and demanded to be fed her dinner. Which I gave her immediately . Yep, she has me well trained.

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