Birthday gifts

My birthday was last week and I was met with the usual ‘what would you like us to get you?’ question from my family and this year it was easy to answer! I’d had my eye on a couple of books and some more Clover hooks, and when I mentioned these to my sister I was met with ‘ehhh, just send me the links.’ I think the thought of buying these without any direction from me scared her a bit!

As requested I sent her several links to Amazon and was delighted when, on my birthday, I opened my present to find she’d given me the 200 Crochet Blocks book, as well as Sweet Crochet and three new hooks. I’ve been wanting both books for a while, and am desperate to practice different granny squares. The Sweet Crochet book has so many cute patterns, perfect for trying out my new 3mm hook and the yarn I ‘accidentally’ ordered a couple of weeks ago.

Crochet hooks and crochet books

My sister made the ‘mistake’ of asking why exactly I needed different sizes of hooks and after a ten minute explanation (which I don’t think she really listened to!) she asked me to make her a blanket, apparently she’d be doing me a favour because it would allow me to try out my new hooks!

Now I just need to decide which pattern to try first!

One comment

  1. I M desperate for some clover hooks! Gotta wait til June for my birthday though!
    That 200 blocks book is in my local library, think I might get it to have a peep, everyone seems to have it recently!


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