Virtual crafting

While I love crocheting, I also like to try different crafts and often find attending a class is is the easiest way to do that. However of course that hasn’t been possible in 2020! Embroidery is something that I’d always wanted to try so when I received an email about the Beyond K&S workshops, I immediately signed up for an embroidery virtual workshop.

The class I signed up for was by Hannah Johnson (@hanmadeit on Instagram) and it was to make a a letter embroidered with flowers. There was the option to buy the kit directly from Hannah, which I chose to do, or you could source the materials yourself.

So, on Friday I sat down with my laptop and a glass of wine (because, Friday) and got ready to learn. I was a bit unsure as to how clear it would be to see all the stitches, but I needn’t have worried and everything was explained really clearly. As well as explaining the stitches, Hannah explained about the different types of embroidery hoop, how to separate the threads and creating texture.

thread, fabric and laptop set up for virtual craft class

By the end of the class I felt able to carry on and finish the project and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was very relaxing, with the main frustration being getting the needle threaded.

Embroidered letter J

I have quite a lot of thread left over so I might just have to make some crafty purchases of fabric and a hoop. During 2020 the delivery man has become an important part of my life!


  1. That’s rather lovely. I haven’t participated on any online craft courses yet – though many friends have done during the pandemic – and most have been lovely.


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