Granny triangle bunting


At the beginning of last summer my brother and sister-in-law painted the small summerhouse in their garden and after a glass of wine I somewhat enthusiastically offered to make some bunting to hang in it. The following week I bought some yarn and tried a couple of patterns, then for some reason I didn’t quite get round to actually making the bunting. However they didn’t forget and periodically I was reminded about my offer to make said bunting.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I stumbled across the two balls of yarn that I’d bought and decided that I just needed to sit down and make it. I settled on doing granny triangles, although couldn’t decide what order to do the colours in so ended up having each one different. Although I did regret this when it came to sewing in the ends!

Instead of crocheting each section together, I threaded ribbon through each piece to join them.  I am pretty happy with the colours  although I have no idea what they are as the tags have long since been thrown out.

When I handed it over to my sister-in-law I think she was surprised that I’d actually done it, but it is now hanging in their summer house and I think the colours are a good contrast to the colour of the paint. What do you think?

Crochet bunting



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