Blooming Flower Cushion

Ha! So I totally failed on the whole ‘I won’t start any other project until I’m finished the tulip blanket’ thing. The truth is, I put it down a couple of weeks ago and just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm to continue with it or any other crochet project. My hooks and yarn sat there taunting me, but I just couldn’t do it.

In an attempt to get my head back into crochet, I decided to start something else – hoping that a break from the blanket would work.  After looking for some inspiration I decided on the Blooming Flower Cushion; I’d seen photos of a few on the Bella Coco Crochet Facebook page, and decided to have a go. I didn’t want to use too many colours, so I raided my stash and decided on Stylecraft Special DK in Bluebell, Cream and Pale Rose. I downloaded the instructions from Attic 24 which are really easy to follow and I soon got into the rhythm of the pattern and I really like how it’s turning out. With all the colour changes there are a lot of ends, but for the first time I am actually sewing them in as I go! (We’ll see how long that lasts….)

Crochet blooming flower cushion

I still have a good few hours to go until it’s finished – and that will just be the front! The picture below shows the size it is just now compared to how big it need to be. I’ll also need to do the reverse, but at the moment I think I’ll just do it in one solid colour, either the pink or blue.

Crochet blooming flower cushion on cushion pad

Right, I am definitely not starting any more projects until at least one of my current ones is finished….

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