Baby blankets…done!

Where is the year going? 1st July tomorrow and this is my first blog post of the year. To be honest I think I lost my cro-jo again, and maybe my craft-jo too… but I think I found it again. I hope so, anyway!

In February, I started baby blankets for a colleague who had twins. They’re now nearly six months old and I just finished the second one this morning, but better late than never! I decided to make corner-to-corner blankets using the granny stitch, with Stylecraft Special DK yarn. I used White and Silver in both blankets, and added Aspen to one and Aster to the other. Initially I wasn’t sure about the Aspen but now that it’s finished I really like it!

Close up of granny stitch crochet blankets in grey, white, blue and green

Blankets aren’t usually my favourite thing to make, I just don’t have the patience to make large adult sized blankets. However baby blankets are different and I like making them as gifts, choosing a different colour and/or pattern for each one.

Grey, blue, white and grey granny stitch crochet blanket.

Why did these take so long to do? I have no idea. It wasn’t a conscious decision to not pick up my hook as regularly I was used to doing, I just didn’t. It took me nearly five months to finish the first of these blankets, and once it was done I went straight onto the second. It was like something clicked again in my head, and I was back in the crochet zone! I’m determined not to lose it again so I’m going to dive straight back into one a shawl that I started at the end of last year that’s been languishing at the bottom of my project bag.

Head down, hook out, crochet!

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