Baby blankets, baby blankets

The first crochet project that I ever finished was a baby blanket for my cousin’s youngest daughter nearly three years ago. Once I finished it, I decided to make a blanket for every new baby in the family – each one different from the other. However my crochet projects have been taking longer and longer lately, and I’ve found myself falling behind.

Two beautiful babies have been born into the family this year. My cousin had a little girl called Rosie in March, and my brother’s son, Euan, arrived in April. A friend, who I’ve known for a long time, had her daughter Lucille, also in April. So…. three blankets that I really wanted to make! Alas, I haven’t been very good at getting them done, but this weekend I feel like I’m ‘back in the zone’ and am determined to finish them all!

Auntie and baby with crochet blanket

Today I finished Euan’s blanket. This is a granny square blanket made in yellow, grey and white ‘Hey Baby’ DK Knitcraft yarn. It was the first time I’d used it, and would definitely do so again – it wasn’t too expensive and soft enough for a baby. To make a 31inch square blanket I used approximately two of each colour.  I’m not usually a big fan of yellow or lemon, but I really like this yarn and it looks great with the grey. The other thing that I’m really happy about is that it’s actually a square – my tension seemed to stay the same throughout the project, which I’m over the moon about!


Crochet baby blanket in yellow white and grey

Now I need to finish the next one! I have made a start on Rosie’s blanket so just need to finish it. However I haven’t got the yarn yet for Lucille’s blanket which means I get to make a trip to a yarn shop!

Materials used



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