Ombre Ombre!

I’ve just finished my first crochet project for a while, after getting more than a bit distracted with other crafts. Oops. Anyway, this is a scarf/shawl made using a Scheepjes Whirl in Lavenderlicious.

The pattern is the ‘Ombre Shawl’ by Sarah Shrimpton of Annaboos House. It was really easy to follow, and with lots of repeats in it I found it a really relaxing pattern to do – not too much counting and I could definitely ‘switch off’ when doing it. I just made a couple of changes – I added a couple of extra rows of trebles so that I could include more of the darker colours in the yarn, and instead of finishing with a reverse double crochet I just did a row of ‘normal’ double crochet. I’d never done the reverse version before, and just kept making a mess!

The yarn calls for you to use a 3.5-4mm hook, but I decided to go with a 5mm (yes, I’m a bit of a rebel) because I wanted the shawl to have more of a lacy look. It’s a bit more than I would usually pay for yarn, as it was £20.99 for 220g, but I love the subtle colour changes and it feels really soft as it’s 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. Everyone seems to have different ways of working with yarn cakes, but in this case I decided to start from the outside as I wanted the edge of the shawl to be the darker colours.

I’ll definitely use this pattern again, as I love the size and shape of it. A lot of shawl patterns out there don’t seem to be quite wide enough for the style I like, but this one is perfect (even without the extra rows I did). I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this shawl!



  1. Hi I’m am trying to make it at the moment and struggling with the pattern! In the first section do you keep working I. The round when repeating row 2?


    • Hi, you won’t be working in the round. I found mine looked like a bit of an odd shape until a few rounds in, but if you do row 2 then turn, then repeat taking into account the increase (which happens when you do the ch2 in each round). You’re basically doing two trebles between the first 2 stitches, one treble between every stitch until you get to the chain2 space, where you do 1tr ch2 1tr. Then it’s one stitch between each tr again, as you did in the first half of the row. Then two trebles between the last two stitches and ch3 in the top of the last stitch, the you turn. Hope that helps and I’ve not just confused you!


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